Ly Gia Vien

Ly Gia Vien

No. 9F, Street 30, Tan Quy Dong residential area, Tan Phong ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 2862624895

Lý Gia Viên Limited is a distributor with over 10 years in the field of import & exclusive distribution for many high-quality brands around the world. We always learn from the past, work hard in the present, and innovate for the future.

Lý Gia Viên offers a wide range of high-quality F&B solutions to medium business and high enterprises who appreciate a good selection of appliances, culinary products & cooking ingredients that combine traditions and innovations.

Come meet us and get an invitation to discover the world of Lý Gia Viên’s gastronomy: ambitious direction, passionate persona, sharp skills, cultured vision, and cutting-edge perspectives.

Our story conveys a distinct spirit that recognizes FOOD as more than just a way to survive but an inspiration, another way to enrich your experience and changing your attitude to life.

Founded in 2010, Ly Gia Vien is proud to accompany the world’s top-class brands in the culinary field. With the desire to bring practical values ​​to consumers, we always update the latest technologies and products in the world to the Vietnamese market – through the selection of brands that Ly Gia Vien is currently in and will represent.

We focus on 3 main areas in the culinary industry: Ingredients – Machinery – Equipment.

1. Syrup Torani (USA)
2. Herbal drink Tonic Fentimans (UK)
3. Hygiene tools for Tea and Coffee Urnex (USA)
4. Hario Tea & Coffee Making Tools (Japan)
5. Toddy cold dispenser (USA)
6. Whipping Cream and Soda Whip-it! (America)
7. Coffee grinder Mazzer (Italy)
8. Rocket Espresso coffee machine (Italy)
9. Extraction Nitro Cool (Germany)
10. Cooking Equipment Tre Spade (Italy)
11. Spaghetti making equipment Marcato family (Italy)
12. Italgi industrial pasta maker (Italy)
13. Multifunction oven Combi Ovens Angelo Po (Italy)
14. Modern oven Everdure by Heston Blumental (Australia)
15. Bread dough, Pizza, Sweet Molino Bigolin (Italy)
16. Semolina Powder for Molino Mininni Fresh Spaghetti (Italy)