Australia Vietnam Leadership Dialogue (AVLD)

Australia Vietnam Leadership Dialogue (AVLD)


The Australia Vietnam Leadership Dialogue (AVLD) is an independent non-profit initiative that was established to nurture relationships, promote engagement and incubate collaboration between Australian and Vietnamese leaders from a broad spectrum of society. Through people to people links, we believe the bilateral relationship between Australia and Vietnam can be strengthened to contribute to the development of each respective nation.


The Australia-Vietnam Leadership Dialogue centres around a biennial Dialogue with locations rotating between the two countries. The Dialogue involves a four day, residential program that brings together 20 highly influential, visionary, young leaders under 35 (10 from Australia and Vietnam). The program is an opportunity to not only deepen the bilateral relationship but undergo a transformative experience which will accelerate their impact journey. Through the program and by being part of a powerful alumni network, the delegates will build the skills and connections which will shape and strengthen their countries and the region in the coming decades.

"Our highly successful inaugural Dialogue was held in Sydney, Australia in 2017, followed by a subsequent high impact Dialogue in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2019, and a unique digital Dialogue in 2021."
Between dialogues, there are various events and workshops held concurrently in Vietnam and Australia, with delegates and alumni working with peers and mentors around specific challenges and opportunities.