Business Briefing

The Australian Chamber of Commerce routinely holds Business Briefing Events each month in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi for members and non members. The events generally cover a range of business interests including, but not limited to, Information Technology, Taxation & Finance, Human Resources, Investment Advice, Urban & Economic Planning and on occasions international high‐profile government or business speakers. AusCham events are based on two different styles which can be industry specific focus groups of 15 to 40 people or larger general presentations held for 60 to 100 guests.

The AusCham Business Briefing Events are often presented by members as a priority, but non members are encouraged to utilize the events too. These events are usually co hosted with other Business Chambers and therefore the information is distributed to a very wide audience. We regularly co‐host our events with EuroCham, AmCham, BritCham, CanCham and many of the smaller Business Groups. A presentation of general or specific interest at our monthly Business Briefing Seminars is a great opportunity for your company to promote your services, whilst also informing our Members and associates about important business topics.

Note Online Events: AusCham use ZOOM online videoconferencing, but open to using other member subscribed platforms that are compatible with our systems and for the general viewing and ease of our members and the public.

By attending an AusCham event you agree to abide by the AusCham Code of Conduct.

Download the Business Briefing Face-to-Face & Online Event Sponsorship, click HERE for English version and HERE for Vietnamese version.


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