What About Vietnam Series 4 - E11: Revisiting Vietnam Post Covid - First Impressions!

What About Vietnam S4E11

In this interesting podcast, Kerry candidly shares her experience visiting Vietnam for the first time since the pandemic and her last visit which was March 2020. Find out what she has found different about the travel experience leaving Australia, and entering Vietnam. What are her first impressions? Has HCMC changed and where are the changes most noticeable? It’s an episode full of some juicy details and some that may even shock you!


Plus, Kerry being back in Vietnam would not be complete without her sharing her welcome back stories of Hoi An! Providing accurate and amazing information to her listeners is her top priority so she likewise gives up some simple tips for getting around Saigon.

You’ll love hearing about the coffee culture and just how it feels being a minority in the domestic traveler demographic. If you want to hear a first-hand account of just how easy it is to travel in Vietnam in September 2022, then this is the show for you. Straight from the horse's mouth... so to speak!

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So here you have it:-

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Some highlights in the show:

00:00:38 – The Visa Process In Action

00:04:24 – Arriving Into Vietnam - What To Expect

00:06:17 – The Domestic Travel Experience

00:08:03 – HCMC - Most Significant Changes

00:09:25 – Getting Around HCMC

00:13:27 – Dining Out And The Coffee Scene In Saigon

00:17:32 – Hoi An - A Welcome Back

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