Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey


Bright Economic Outlook With The Remarkable Recovery Of Local Businesses

Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey for the second half of 2022 is aimed at forecasting the recruitment trends of businesses in Vietnam nearly 9 months after the nationwide restrictions lifted and business activities reopened. The survey was conducted in the context that Vietnam's economy is thriving in many industries as shown via the 6.42% increase in gross domestic product (GDP) in the first 6 months of 2022. Notably, for   time, the number of enterprises entering and re-entering the market in the first half of 2022 surpassed 100,000 to reach 116,900 enterprises, which is 25.4% over the same period last year and 1.4 times higher than the number of enterprises having withdrawn from the market ¹. This is a record high number as well as a good sign for the national economic recovery after nearly two years of fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Companies with more than 250 employees account for over one-third of the respondents (37%) while the rest are small and medium sized ones. Surveyed enterprises operate in 21 industries, including Manufacturing & Processing, Wholesale, Retail & Trading, High Technology, Professional Consulting Services, Real Estate, Textile & Footwear, Supply Chain/Logistics, Finance, Construction, etc.

At the time of the survey, more than 70% of employers said that their business activities had almost completely recovered compared with before the Covid-19 pandemic. About 17% of businesses had 50% or more actively recovered, and 12% admitted that they were still significantly affected by the pandemic.

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