3 Powerful Steps in Transforming Your Identity


3 powerful steps in transforming your identity. Do you want to make lasting, transformational changes, in your life so you can enjoy all the things you don’t have now, and have them show up in you’re life on a regular and permanent basis?

All those dreams and goals you have been trying to achieve but somehow have elusively disappeared that you can never catch and hold on to them.

Things like:

  • A sense of inner calm and peace
  • Courage for your future
  • Clarity of mind
  • The ability to focus and concentrate
  • A positive state of mind
  • Consistent high energy levels
  • Proactive (stop procrastinating)
  • Positive habits
  • Enjoy more of life

If you have been searching for the above, without luck, or any other material goals such as more money, better health, find your soulmate, you can have all of these and much more when you apply the 3 powerful steps in transforming your identity.

What is Your Identity?

Very simply put your identity is made up of everything you say “I AM” to.

  • I am great with relationships…
  • I am not good with money…
  • I am no good at public speaking…
  • I am like my father and get angry easily…
  • I am an introvert / extravert…
  • I am very healthy and fit…

Whatever you say, “I AM” to, you are identifying with and it becomes part of your personal identity. You see the world through the eyes of your identity and attract those things into your reality.

Your values, beliefs, mindset, past experiences, and culture, are all contributing to your current identity of how you see yourself and consequentially, how you see the world.

People are so identified (identity) with certain values and beliefs that they will argue, fight and even die for what they identify with and believe.

All your behaviors stem from your identity and hence your results follow.

Look at the logical levels of change and notice how identity is the second highest level after Vision/Purpose.

3 Powerful Steps in Transforming Your Identity​​​​​

To create permanent and lasting change in your professional and personal lives you must work from top to bottom of the Logical Levels of Change, triangle.

Once you identify with a new habit or behavior (Ex: regular exercise) on level 2 (identity) you will not need motivation or discipline. Once it becomes part of who you are, it’s almost automatic and instinctual. There is absolutely no pushback or resistance at all.

During the lockdowns in 2021, I created an identity shift in relation to my exercise while at the same time I wrote “Power Move Habits, How to empower yourself into results!”.

I started practicing 2 personal yoga sessions (40 min each) a day. One in the morning upon rising and another one in the evening before going to sleep.

From July 2021 until now (still going) I have not missed a day. 2 sessions every day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You may be thinking, how can you be so consistent, so dedicated, for so long? I also asked myself the same questions!

I have ZERO RESISTANCE to not practicing 2 times a day, absolutely none. I just know it’s time, I roll out my mat and enjoy the process.

It wasn’t like this in the beginning until it became part of my identity.

It is now part of my identity. I AM the type of person who practices 2 x 40 min yoga sessions a day. While it’s working for me and I’m achieving the results I want in my life I will keep it as part of my identity.

So, how can you create a new habit, and bring a dream or goal, into your reality by making it part of your identity?

3 Powerful Steps in Transforming Your Identity

Step 1: Know Your Outcome — The very first thing you need to do is answer the question, what do I want?

What’s your outcome/goal that you want to achieve? Get crystal clear on the exact outcome you want to bring into reality, your reality.

In my case of the above example, my outcome was to boost my immune system and raise the level of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I chose yoga as a form of exercise to accomplish this outcome.

Step 2: Who Do You Need To Become To Have This Outcome? — Now you know exactly what you want (step 1), you need to identify what type of person you need to become to have this outcome (step 2).

You’ve heard the saying, “We need to be before we can have”, haven’t you?

What type of person do you need to be, and what type of mindset, values, beliefs, and behaviors would you need to adopt to become this person?

The quickest way to do this is to find someone who already has what you want. This is called modeling (A process I teach my Executive clients). Observe them, ask them questions, and read their books or articles to discover what they are doing physically, mentally, and emotionally, which allows them to have what you also want.

If you want a new management position at work, the best way to attain it is to do the work, act as if, be the manager, before you get the title. You play the role before it is offered to you.

In my yoga example, I had to be the type of person who was 100% focused and committed to my goal. I had to be the type of person who was proactive and doesn’t listen to that saboteur voice in the back of my head.

I had to be the type of person who did the first yoga practice upon rising in the morning before I did anything else. I had to be the type of person who needed to be organized in the evening to ensure my second practice was complete before 10 pm.

I had to be the type of person who was focusing on all the benefits I was enjoying by completing my daily regular yoga practice.

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice — Now you know exactly what you want (step 1), you know exactly who you need to be to enjoy and have what you want (step 2) and all that’s left is for you to practice, practice, practice (step 3).

You need to start practicing BEING that person you want to be to be able to have the outcome you so desirably want to have. Make this your MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION.

Start to walk, talk, dress, think, act, shower, breathe, and do, (your new Identity) right now, before you get your desired outcome. When you embody this new identity and become this new person your desired outcome, goal, dream, habit, or behavior will show up in your reality.

When you arrive at this level of BEING in your identity it will attract your desired outcome simultaneously.

When I practiced, practiced, practiced, my yoga twice a day for over a year thus far, I became a person who can enjoy an abundance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

I also received many other benefits, one of which was a strong consistency muscle (psychological muscle) that I can use in all the other areas of my life.

Now you know the 3 powerful steps in transforming your identity.

What’s Next?


You now need to step into your PERSONAL POWER (the ability to take action and get results)

If you keep this information as intellectual knowledge (no action) you won’t get your desired outcome, or results, and nothing will change in your life.

Take one action step now (need help?) that you can apply towards your desired outcome, identity shift, so you can start enjoying the results you know you want and deserve.

Now you know the 3 powerful steps in transforming your identity.

Paul Simos is an accomplished Executive Life Coach, Health Coach & Certified Trainer.

He has a fundamental belief about his clients which frames how they work together i.e. they already have everything they need to achieve success. His role as a coach is to stimulate and challenge his clients to unlock their successful beliefs, skills, and behavior patterns.

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